Nigerians should consider electing a female president – Obasanjo

Olusegun Obasanjo, a former president of Nigeria, has asked Nigerians to think about voting a female president to advance the growth and development of their nation.
At the fifth iteration of the Egba Dialect Debate and Choral Competition for Secondary Schools in Ogun state, the comment was made.

Relying only on one gender, according to Obasanjo, would impede progress in nation-building. Obasanjo emphasized the significance of gender equality. He emphasized that despite their being only one biological difference between the sexes—females are able to carry children—both sexes have meaningful experiences to share.

The former president was adamant in his assertion that a woman could lead Nigeria without facing any inherent barriers.

Concern over the underrepresentation of women in politics was also voiced by Ogun State’s deputy governor Naimot Salako-Oyedele. Only 18 of the 236 councillors in Ogun state are women, she claimed.

In addition, only two women hold any of the 20 chair positions, and only two women hold any of the 26 seats in the House of Assembly.

There is still a lack of female representation at higher levels, with only one female member out of the nine members of the House of Representatives and no female senators. Salako-Oyedele, who is currently the deputy governor, urged women to get involved in local politics in order to have the essential political experience for moving on to higher elective positions.

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