There are only two known hanging lakes in the world. There is the hanging lake in Colorado, the United States and the Awaye Lake in Oyo state. Save a lot of money and explore this beautiful location. The experience will change your life and make you appreciate Nigeria more.

To get to Ado Awaye from Ibadan takes about two hours. This journey is for those who seek the thrills of outdoor, travel and discovering new places no matter how gruelling.

The Oyo people are friendly. Do not find it unusual when they stare at you bemusedly. Perhaps, it will be because of the dialect which you speak, that is if you speak Yoruba.

Then there is the hike to the top of the hill. It takes about an hour to reach the crest of rocks where the lake lies. The trail is rocky. You are advised to wear comfortable shoes and you will need to carry some drinking water in case you get thirsty.

On the summit, you will see the expanse of hills overlooking the Benin Republic Border. You would also see what appears to be large footprints etched on the rock. The myth is that they are the footprints of their ancestors.

The lake is indeed a wonder because one cannot explain the mystery behind the source of the lake or why it doesn’t go dry. The locals say that it retains the same level of water all season.

This unforgettable place is better experienced than told. And please, don’t forget to buy a souvenir while you are in Oyo state.

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