Jaja Wachuku: the man who saved Nelson Mandela

Wachuku was the first Nigerian Minister for Foreign Affairs. At a time when the United States government had already listed Nelson Mandela as a terrorist, Wachuku, who was “widely respected” as Foreign Affairs Minister of Nigeria intervened with the South African government and helped save Nelson Mandela and others from the death penalty at the 1963–64 Rivonia Trial. In his 1962 diary, from Lagos: Nigeria, Nelson Mandela wrote: “Friday 18 May 1962: 1pm: We meet Mr Jaja Wachuku and his staff and have a profitable discussion. Saturday 19 May 1962: We have lunch with Jaja Wachuku.”

Jaja Wachuku was Nigeria’s first Ambassador to the United Nations. He became very famous after he was refused to express his displeasure over a racist comment so he in return stopped listening to what everyone was saying & pretended to be sleeping during the UN meeting in 1960’s

Jaja Anucha Wachuku, a Royal Prince of Ngwaland, “descendant of 20 generations of African chiefs in the Igbo country of Eastern Nigeria,” was a Pan-Africanist, and a Nigerian statesman, lawyer, politician, diplomat and humanitarian. –Wikipedia

On Thursday 30 September 2010, President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria conferred on Wachuku a posthumous special Golden Jubilee Independence Anniversary Award for his outstanding contributions towards the development of Nigeria.

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