Seven Top Secrets To Grow Your Small Business In Nigeria

Business growth is essential. Building a business in a city like Lagos or any city comes with a lot of challenges but there are huge opportunities out there. Here are top 7 secrets to grow your small business.

  1. Start small

There’s no growth without starting first, the first step is to start and then work hard, learn fast and be creative in growing your business.

  1. Network Seriously

Network helps you build strong word of mouth advertising for your business, attend event, seminars, trainings, charitable organization fund raising and keep simple marketing tools like your business cards. Make top quality ones and be creative with it. Connect with people, discuss their problem, let everyone know what you but don’t push. You are not your business, people do business with people not business. You can even start your own events.

  1. Use print and digital together

While print creates tangibility for your business and gives your prospect something to touch, feel and remember about you, digital platforms help them reach you with just a click of a button, ensure both works together.

  1. Build Relationships

Build strong relationship with people in your industry and outside your industry. When you are just starting your business, people will buy from you because they trust you, they know you or they know people who have done business with you. This is why you should take relationships seriously at every point of your business growth.

  1. Deliver on your word

Be known for keeping your words. Deliver to quality, deliver your best. You are better off growing with referrals and keeping every customer than losing customers and having to spend so much to hire new ones.

  1. Make your staff Happy

Businesses do well when employees are Happy. Research has shown that happiness is one of the first factors that makes people stay in a job and do their best. You can never make your customers happy when your employees are not happy.

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